Johnson used to have these little kind of seminars at the end of a long working day. You could go up to his tiny little room that he had when he was majority leader …. A lot of reporters would crowd in there, and the drink would flow pretty freely, and Johnson would put his feet up, and very often you’d have one of those Johnsonian monologues. But, in fact, Johnson was a brilliant monologist….

"You remember the whole era of the Johnson stories. All sorts of stories, many of them with scatological implications. These are the same stories he used to tell as majority leader, but when he was majority leader nobody cared. Nobody would repeat them much. Lyndon was just being Lyndon. But as president, it made all the difference. And that was the relationship with the press, which, in my view, as president, Lyndon Johnson never understood.

Oral history with columnist Stewart Alsop, LBJ Library.